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8 Shows Similar to “Father Knows Best”

Do you ever miss the good old days when entertainment was more wholesome?

If so, then join the club. After all, there’s nothing more refreshing than watching television or a movie that was made during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The classic show Father Knows Best is a perfect example of quality programming that gets better with age.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other great TV shows to watch that are every bit as entertaining. Here we take a look at show recommendations that are perfect for every member of the family. Keep reading to discover great show recommendations.

1. Leave It to Beaver

When it comes to classic family-friendly sitcoms, it’s hard to beat Leave It to Beaver. It was the story of the Cleavers, including Beaver, Wally, June, and Ward. The show started in 1957 and ran for 6 seasons on CBS. 

Leave It to Beaver was an immediate hit when it first hit the air, and yet it has remained a fan favorite every decade in the years since it was canceled. Check it out and see for yourself why it’s still so popular with millions of people around the world.

2. My Three Sons

My Three Sons is another example of old shows that went off the air more than a half-century ago but has never been forgotten.

This classic show about a single father raising three sons, was filled with equal parts humor and heart, led by Fred McMurray. It touched on subjects like love, loss, heartbreak, and many other aspects of life that make it as relevant today as ever.

Plus, it’s still a lot of fun and provides viewers with everything you could want in a family-friendly viewing experience.

3. The Dick Van Dyke Show

Looking for even more shows to watch? Few shows in the history of television contain as much laugh-out-loud humor as the Dick Van Dyke Show. In fact, this classic show remains one of the best sitcoms ever produced by Hollywood.

Obviously, Dick Van Dyke has been a beloved comedic actor for decades, and when you combined his talents with Mary Tyler Moore, the combination created magic on screen. You might laugh at how outdated their lifestyle seems now, but great writing and comic timing never go out of style.

When you’re ready to laugh and leave life’s troubles behind for a little while, a few episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show make the perfect prescription to turn your frown upside down.

4. Happy Days

It’s hard to imagine any show in the history of Hollywood that has made a bigger impact on American culture than Happy Days. This sitcom about teenagers in the 1950s is full of laughs, tons of heart, and some of the most enduring personalities to ever grace the small screen.

Happy Days was created by Gary Marshall and remained a massive hit for its entire run, due in no small part to the iconic character of The Fonz. It’s also interesting to note that Ritchie Cunningham was played by Ron Howard, who would later become a massively successful director of movies, including “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind”.

Here’s a cool resource where you can learn about the entire Father Knows Best cast.

5. The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show is the perfect example of a television program that proved you could attract a massive audience without having to be flashy. That’s because this sitcom about life in small-town America was smart, hilarious, and packed with important life lessons.

It was also populated with memorable characters, tremendous writing, and never talked down to the audience.

The Andy Griffith Show made stars of Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, and Ron Howard, and is every bit as enjoyable today as when it started in 1960.

6. The Munsters

The Munsters is a classic family-friendly sitcom that was built purely for laughs. This iconic show has been a staple of afternoon children’s television programming for decades, having helped raise decades of children.

The Munster family is obviously silly, and yet there’s no denying that the show is undeniably funny, and features characters who have become a permanent part of American pop culture.

7. Home Improvement

Now let’s take a look at a few shows that have been produced in more recent years. Shows like Home Improvement, created in the 1990s, prove that building a sitcom around a relatable family, is an unbeatable formula.

The centerpiece of this sitcom is Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. He hosts a home improvement show with his sidekick “Al”, which makes them both local celebrities.

Home improvement was a massive hit throughout its entire run, and made Tim Allen one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

8. Frasier

Frasier brought sophistication and class to primetime television. The character of Frasier Crane was first introduced in the massive hit show “Cheers”, and fans were clearly eager to follow Frasier to Seattle, where he hosted a daily radio show.

On the air for 11 years, Frasier remained a favorite with fans and critics alike from beginning to end.

Great TV Shows for Fans of Father Knows Best

It’s no secret that TV fans are always looking for something new to watch, even if that means finding classic content from decades ago. Fortunately, this guide to shows for anyone who loves Father Knows Best provides excellent viewing options for people of any age.

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