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CS:GO Missions: types and how to pass?

CS:GO Missions

CS:GO Missions are maps where the user will have to go through certain tasks. The tasks themselves have different complexity and allow the player to fully enjoy the game process. There are a huge number of similar maps where the user can go through missions. Of course, some of them will even allow you to ride in cars or fly on an airplane, it all depends only on the author. It also depends on the choice of a particular card.

Just then, when the serious game process begins to strain the user, then CS:GO missions come to the rescue. There are a huge number of such maps, but it is worth considering one detail – you can play them exclusively on the local server Counter Strike Global Offensive. There are no other ways, and the user will also have to find a friend, because the passage together, at least, is more interesting and attractive for the gaming process. If there is no acquaintance, then you can resort to searching in neighboring lobbies or on special forums.

Maps for CS GO mission

As already mentioned earlier, there are a huge number of such maps and only the user needs to choose the most suitable option for himself. These maps are located in the Global Offensive Counter-Strike Workshop. It is from there that such maps are taken. How to install maps for missions in general:

  • Go to the workshop by selecting the section with Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  • Spell “coop” in the search.
  • Choose any of the proposed options and click on it.
  • Find the green “subscribe” button.

After the user subscribes to the map, it is installed in the game client in automatic mode. That is, you don’t need to do anything yet because the game will do everything for the user.

Launching the downloaded map is also not a problem, just go to the start of the game and select the desired location. Before the user starts the game process, do not forget to invite a friend to play together. On such maps, you will meet a huge number of really interesting and difficult tests. Such maps will literally allow the player to see Counter Strike Global Offensive from a different angle.

CS:GO Operations Missions

If everything is clear with the main missions, you can still meet them in operations that are added by the Counter Strike Global Offensive developer himself. Such missions are necessary in order for the user to improve their own operation medal. That is, after passing a certain number of missions, the user will receive a gold medal and a couple of skins. It will be important to clarify that such missions are available only when there is an active operation in the game. Unfortunately, the last two years of operations in the Counter Strike Global Offensive are not expected, however, it is not excluded that in the future it will still appear. Check more at Elite Topic

As a rule, in operations, you can meet with the same type of mission, like killing three bots from one weapon. Also, as already mentioned missions, they require playing in a team. That is, at least two users must play together and complete these missions. It is important that this can change because the developer can easily rethink the concept of operations and release something new, then the mission can sink into oblivion. However, it was in the last operation that the user had to meet with the same type of missions and receive coloring for their implementation. Someone was lucky and he got expensive skins, but someone just spent money on buying an operation in Counter Strike Global Offensive almost for nothing.

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