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How to Improve Employee Engagement

A new trend has been taking over the workplace, with an estimated 67% of employees taking part: Quiet Quitting. This is the practice of employees not being engaged at work and doing the bare minimum. In other words, they are doing what’s in their job description and nothing more.

This statistic can be disheartening for employers who want engaged employees who go above and beyond. Employers are seeking ways to improve employee engagement, and there are many options out there for doing so. In this brief article, you will learn a few ways you can build high employee engagement and increased productivity.

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

There are many different ways to increase employee engagement. Business owners want engaged workers. By following a few of these items, your employees will invest more in what they do and come to work excited.

Mentorship and Training

Over the past year, an event called the “Great Resignation” has been occurring in the U.S. workforce. This event has seen a large percentage of workers seeking new jobs and even moving into new industries. Employee retention has always been difficult, and this trend only adds to it.

One way you can increase your employee engagement is through mentorship and training. Jobs that provide a training program for employees increase retention and employee productivity. Training and mentorship programs show investment in your employees and that you want to see them succeed.


The easiest way to improve employee engagement is through recognition. 37% of employees in the U.S. list recognition as a top motivator for keeping them engaged at work. When employees feel seen and heard by their employer, they want to keep up the hard work and be more productive.

There are many different ways to recognize your employees. This can be as simple as calling them out during your team huddle for an accomplishment you noticed. You could even implement a reward system or give out gift cards to further confirm your employees’ achievements.

Personalization and Ownership

Another way to improve employee engagement is to give more responsibility and ownership to your employees. By letting them make more decisions, they will feel more invested in their job and want to put effort into their work. This could be as simple as picking the flavor of coffee creamer for the office, picking out custom magnetic name tags, and much more.

Giving more ownership to your employees shows that you trust them to do their job and help your business grow, and they will be more engaged at work because of it.

Invest in Your Employees

There are many ways to improve employee engagement at your job, and in this brief article, only a few have been touched on. Investing in your employees and building employee relationships through these methods is one the most important ways you can grow your business and set yourself up for success.

Failing to properly invest in your employees can cause you to struggle to retain employees and keep them happy. By following these easy methods, you can see increased productivity and more engagement from your employees. For more helpful articles, be sure to check out our business section.

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