How to plan a college dorm party

Attending the college dorm party is one of the highlights of a college student’s time at school. Having a good time in high school is different from having a great time at college parties. Parents and students can’t imagine college without those activities. They are treasured by parents and revered by students, and they help create important memories during college.

After you arrive on campus, you’ll probably attend your first party (if not right away). You might feel as though you have hit the independence jackpot now that you are no longer confined to your parents. Despite what you might think, freedom can be a tricky thing. You should address some legitimate concerns regarding college level partying now that you are responsible for yourself in the real world. You can learn how to have the best first few college dorm parties by reading on.

Whenever possible, go on a group trip

For the first few school parties you go to, you can understand the power of numbers in no other way. If you cannot bring a few friends, don’t bring the tribe. A good idea is to keep in touch on a regular basis with your group. Hundreds of students may attend a college party, creating a crowded and stressful atmosphere. You should all make a plan for staying in touch before you enter the area; this will ensure you stay in touch.

Assign a designated risk manager to the company

Ensure that a risk manager attends the meeting. The designer has the same role as a designated driver, with the exception that he or she is in charge of the group’s overall welfare. In the case of too much drinking or needing assistance, the DRM can assist the person to get back to the dorm. In spite of this, other members of the group cannot be excused from responsibility. A DRMS isn’t a babysitter, but a friend who cares for you.

At every event, the designated risk manager should rotate so that nobody is left with total responsibility. Do not take advantage of the risk manager. Some students do not drink drugs, but prefer to spend time with their friends and take care of one another in order to build friendships and camaraderie, without taking advantage of them. There’s no harm in allowing your friend to take a break or taking a break from them for a while.

Furthermore, tell your friend how important it is that they ensure your safety beyond the call of duty. If they are willing to take care of your safety and wellbeing, show your appreciation by giving them a small gift or inviting them to dinner.

Keep your phone close to your charger while it is charging

Your phone’s battery may drain while you text your friends and party. It will likely happen towards the end of the night. At some point, you’re going to want to leave, so keep every option on the table. Your plans may go awry, so you will have to take Uber or LYFT to return to your dorms. Choosing a time and meeting location is a good idea, but if things do not go according to plan, you’ll need to take an Uber or LYFT home.

Decide on the right path

Partygoers do not have to drink during parties, nor are they required to consume alcohol at parties. It is a good idea to expect the police to arrive at some point. If they do arrive, don’t panic. There have probably been hundreds of parties broken up in the past. It seems to happen every time. Don’t make a scene and remain calm.

It is important that you tell someone if you feel uncomfortable or in danger in such a situation. You need support from a tribe in these situations. If you’ve been drinking all night, you might find yourself in a difficult situation in which you need help. You should not hesitate to seek assistance.

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