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How to Wrap Flowers in Paper Like a Pro

Gifting flowers is a tradition that spans the globe, and there are various meanings behind doing so. For example, lots of Asian cultures believe giving particular flowers like Peach Blossoms or Pussy Willows to others will bring good fortune

Whichever culture you live in and for whatever reason you want to gift flowers, there’s one thing you might want to learn: how to wrap flowers in the paper. Wrapping flowers is something you will need to practice as the margins for error are small. But once you get the gist of it, it won’t be long before you can wrap like a pro!

In this quick tutorial, we’ll teach you how to wrap flowers on paper. There are many ways you can wrap flowers, but we’ll focus on one simple technique. Read on if you want to learn this skill in no time at all.

The Enclosed Stems Technique

So the wrapping flowers in the paper method we’re going to run through now encloses the stems. We chose this option as it’s a popular way to present and gift flowers.

We will also mention before we run through this that you should aim to buy the best flowers you can find. If you buy flowers that are almost about to wilt, not even the best flower wrapper in the land can make them look pretty!

All you’ll need for this tutorial are some flower wrap paper (craft paper and brown paper work well, too), scissors, tissue paper, and clear tape. Here are the steps to wrap flowers in the paper:

Step 1

Begin by spreading out your paper onto a flat surface and placing your bouquet on it to estimate how much paper you will need to surround it adequately. Then cut your paper.

Next (and this is optional) spread out your tissue paper so it covers most or all of the paper wrap on the inside. It’s a good idea to choose tissue that’s a contrasting yet complementary color to your flower paper.

Step 2

Turn your wrap and tissue diagonally so that one corner is facing upwards on your flat surface. Next, slide your tissue a little upward so it overlaps the top of the wrapper a little. 

You then need to grab your flowers and lay them on the paper slightly on a diagonal from the corners of the tissue and paper that are facing up. Also, make sure the floral parts overlap the paper and tissue a touch.

Step 3

Now, with care, wrap the left and right corners of your paper and tissue around your flowers and secure them with your clear tape. Try not to wrinkle the paper when doing this and you can use a stapler if you like to secure the paper bette

Finally, fold up the bottom corner and tuck it into the slot you’ve created, and secure it with tape and a staple if you wish. One nice finishing touch is to add a ribbon around your bouquet.

And that’s how to wrap flowers in a very quick and simple way! Or you can just get a local and reputable florist to do it when you’re shopping for gifts.

Now You Know How to Wrap Flowers in Paper With Ease

When someone asks how to wrap flowers in paper, many people think of elaborate and mystical techniques. However, we’ve just talked you through a very simple method that takes no time at all to master. You might even get in right on your first attempt!

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