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Making Your Home Safer For Your Babies

When you have a baby on the way, you have a lot to be excited about and to prepare for. The most important of these preparations is the safety of your baby. It is crucial especially when your baby now learns how to crawl or walk. They will be more curious and will tug, push, or poke anything. Having small renovations to your house to ensure the baby’s safety will take a long time, so it is prudent to prepare months ahead. Read on to have an idea of the necessary ways to make your home safer for your baby.


Buy Baby Equipment And Furniture 

Make sure that you have all the necessary things fit for a baby. Most likely you already have a baby crib in the nursery and a high chair you bought from your trusted high chair supplier, but do you already have an infant car seat for when you plan on a baby’s day out? Have you installed safety gates at all your stairwells? Even though your baby doesn’t crawl or walk right away, they grow up too fast. It is better to secure those and don’t wait for the time until they can now navigate the house on their own. Moreover, there might be colleagues and family members who are already experienced parents who’ll give you their old baby strollers or crib, it may be kind of them, but you have to remember to check their durability to ensure your baby’s safety.

Electrical Safety


When your baby will see loose electrical cords on your floor or hanging on the side of a piece of furniture, for sure they will try to tug and play with them. Look out for these electrical extension wires or bulk LED strip lights lying on the floor and better keep them out of their reach. Maybe you can use furniture to hide them. Also, don’t forget the electrical sockets that your baby might poke. Make sure to buy covers for these, and keep them covered when you’re not using them. Electricity is a dangerous thing to play so you better be cautious with it around your baby.

Choking and Poisoning Prevention

Naturally, babies put everything in their mouths when they start to be curious about anything. This is dangerous when you have harmful substances lying on your floor. Hence, you must keep small belongings out of their reach to prevent choking. If you have precious jewelry with small valuable stones, secure them in a safe, in which you can ask the best safe and vault company to make one for you. If you have puzzle pieces, like LEGOs, that belong to your older children, make sure to tell them to tidy up after playing and not just leave them on the floor for the baby to play with. You should do the same with chemicals that are harmful to the baby, like dishwashing and laundry detergents, alcohol, and medications. 

Also, check benefits of room scheduling system.

Secure Furniture And Sculptures

Babies may be small but they sure know how to push objects. That’s why you have to make sure that your pieces of furniture are durable and heavy enough that they won’t topple down easily when your baby tries to manipulate them. You don’t want your baby to be squished by that big cabinet you have in your living room or that expensive vase you bought and put in your hallway.

Cover Corners


Parents get excited when their babies start to crawl or walk, and for a moment they forget the dangers that come with it. Babies will surely fall easily at these early development stages and you never know when they’ll tumble down near the sharp edges of your coffee table, work desk, chair, or even your bed. Their heads are still too soft to be in contact with these corners, so it is highly recommended that you buy pads that are made specifically for covering them. Even if you already have these installed, you still have to supervise them intently just to make sure. 

Put Safety Latches

Babies who can crawl and walk have a knack for trying to open doors, cabinets, and drawers in your house. It is highly recommended that you invest in safety latches to keep these closed when you don’t need them. You never know which cabinet the baby will open – It could be the drawer for your knives or your cabinet where you keep your bulk milk jars. Even though you will have someone over who can monitor your baby all the time, it is still wise to foresee unwanted circumstances and be prepared to prevent them.

Have A Safe Playing Spot


You can’t always monitor your child 24/7 because undoubtedly you have other important things to focus on. A safe playing spot might just solve your problem when you have trouble juggling between babysitting and finishing your laundry. You can have them in the living room where most houses have the bigger area or you can buy a portable playpen so that no matter where you are in the house, you can always put it where you can just see them.


Expecting a baby can be stressful because you have a lot to prepare and think about. However, never let these frustrations keep you from enjoying the process always.

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