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Remote Work vs Office Work: What Are the Differences?

Recently, working from home has exploded. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of remote workers in the US tripled

But what are the differences between traditional and remote working? Many people aren’t sure if working from home is right for them or if it’s better to stick with the old, tried, and trusted methods.

If you’re looking for more information about remote work vs office jobs, we can help. Read our remote work guide to learn everything you need to know.

What is Remote Working?

It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer. But remote working can come in all kinds of different styles.

Some remote workers work from home only on certain days or on certain occasions. Or they may work from home every day. Normally, they will report to a supervisor by email and perhaps attend meetings through video conferencing services like Zoom.

Some fields naturally lend themselves to remote working better than others. Regular office jobs and even some customer services and sales jobs are ideal for home working. Even jobs that require face-to-face work, like teaching, may benefit from allowing workers to do some elements of their jobs remotely. 

The Efficiency Question: Remote Work vs Office Jobs

The matter of efficiency often comes to the forefront when it comes to working from home. There is a traditional view that workers might be less efficient when working remotely. 

Some bosses argue employees are less efficient when not in a traditional work environment. The lack of supervision, along with a reduced ability to communicate with colleagues, could be problematic. 

Workers overwhelmingly report they are more efficient when working from home. Some workers suggest the time they save in commuting, taking scheduled lunch breaks, and interacting with co-workers is a perfect way to focus more on important tasks. 

Studies say a lot of different things about whether working from home is more or less efficient. Many indicated that production levels remained roughly the same while transitioning from traditional to remote office work. 

Better Worker Satisfaction?

A key benefit of working from home is increased worker satisfaction. Many workers in traditional office environments struggle to 

Not only can these conditions make you happier in general, but they can also help you to perform better in your job. Every good boss knows that a happy worker is an efficient worker. 

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Taking a Break? Read More Quality Content

There are ups and downs to both working from home and traditional working methods. The only person who can decide which you prefer in the battle of remote work vs office jobs is you!

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