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This article of Elite Topic will give you information about why the is the one of the best background removers of 2022. In this article, we also study how the site works and how we can remove background from our pictures by using very simple and easy steps.

What is

In the above, we read that is the background remover website that helps us to remove or change backgrounds from our old pictures. It can detect the subject from the picture and give us a smooth cutout.

In simple words,  Slazzer is an AI-controlled device that utilizes progressed computer or laptop vision calculations to remove background from any picture on the web and supplant foundation consequently with the best enumerating in only a couple of moments.

In below, we completely study how to use the site or API.

How to use slazzer? is not difficult to utilize. Here are only a couple of simple methods of how you can utilize Slazzer in your work process:

From Website:

You directly transfer the picture on the site, and the background will be taken out in little time. You can also edit the picture and add the background as you like.

Slazzer Desktop Application:

You can download the Desktop or PC slazzer application for your device which you are using like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is the most appropriate for bunch handling various pictures.


With Slazzer’s REST API, you can undoubtedly coordinate it into your application or site or make a completely new encounter, it’s absolutely dependent upon you!

Photoshop Extension for removing background:

Slazzer’s Photoshop extension allows you to remove the foundation consequently direct in Photoshop in only a few seconds. No manual mediation is required in it.

Figma Plugin:

By using the Slazzer Figma Plugin, you can directly remove the picture background naturally with a click of a button, and it is very simple and easy to use.

Android Application for removing background:

By using the Slazzer Mobile App you can transfer any picture and remove the picture background consequently and supplant it with straightforwardness, strong shading, or any foundation picture.

Why we required Image Credit:

For using the Slazzer API or Apps for full-goal pictures up to 25 megapixels, you want to purchase picture credits. 1 picture = 1 credit.

1 see picture up to 0.25 megapixels = 1/fifth of a credit. credits can be utilized all through all the Slazzer items. Programming interface, Windows/Mac/Linux work area application, or the assortment of modules.

Is Free or Paid?

When we required any sites or apps, first we think about is it free if you are thinking about then the answer is yes it is 100% free for low resolution or personal use but if you want to use it commercially then you can also buy it for high-quality result.

Slazzer Purchasing Plans:

In below, you can see the complete list of Slazzer subscription or purchasing plans for a month.

CreditsTotal PricePrice Per Image
100 credits/month$13.0$0.13 /image
300 credits/month$35.99$0.12 /image
1000 credits/month$110.0$0.11 /image
1800 credits/month$180.0$0.10 /image
5000 credits/month$399.0$0.08 /image
10000 credits/month$599.0$0.06 /image
20000 credits/month$999.0$0.05 /image
50000 credits/month$1999.0$0.04 /image

Slazzer Refund Policy: give you 10 days money-back guarantee if;

  • You have purchased a membership plan, interestingly
  • The membership plan was bought inside the most recent 10 days
  • You are unsettled or happy with the nature of the result, and have no advantage or further use for the cut-out photographs created by
  • you have handled a sum of under 50 pictures of any goal
  • Your organization, your record or you actually have not utilized the 10 days Money-Back Guarantee previously.
  • Discount won’t be appropriate on any custom arrangement buy or Top Up arrangement

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