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What Is a Dedicated Server?

The last few years taught even the most reluctant of the around 33 million small businesses in the U.S. that they required a business website. Websites simply offer too much utility value. They let you do brand building, communicate your product or service offerings, and even conduct direct sales.

For burgeoning entrepreneurs, a website can be your business if you run a pure e-commerce model. Of course, all of these websites need web hosting, which almost always runs you straight into the question: What is a dedicated server?

If you’re not clear on what different hosting server packages offer, keep reading for a quick breakdown of what you should know.

Types of Servers for Web Hosting

At the end of the day, all websites are nothing more than a collection of files that interact with each other. Now, the files themselves may contain a lot of complicated coding, but they also need somewhere to live. Hosting servers provide those files that place to live.

There are a couple of key types of servers on offer by web hosting services. For most businesses, it becomes a question of shared server hosting or dedicated server hosting.

What Is a Shared Server?

A shared server is the more common option for most businesses, especially businesses in the early days. In essence, the hosting service divides up a server and its resources, such as bandwidth, between several websites.

This shared model keeps costs down for the hosting service and for its customers. It can also become problematic if one website soaks up all of the server resources. For example, if one site on a server falls victim to a dedicated denial-of-service attack, it can affect all the other websites on the server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server approach assigns a whole server to one website. That eliminates the key problem of someone else’s website soaking up all of the server’s resources in the event of a DDoS attack.

Dedicated Server Benefits

Dedicated servers, like those found at ServerMania, offer a company website a lot of benefits. Your website enjoys all of the resources a server has to offer, including processing power and bandwidth.

In most cases, a dedicated server also lets you modify the server to suit your needs. For example, if you need the server to behave a certain way, you can change the settings to ensure it always behaves that way.

Dedicated servers typically offer better security than shared servers as well.

Dedicated Servers and You

With the question of what is a dedicated server handled, the next question you must answer is whether a dedicated server makes sense for you. While dedicated server hosting offers some benefits, it also comes at a substantially higher price than shared server hosting.

You must evaluate whether those benefits justify the increase in cost. For sites with ever-increasing traffic and rising revenue, it can make sense.

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