Smart Benefits of Room Scheduling Systems

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To ensure all your information is up to date, you and your team have spent hours and hours preparing for this meeting. Your data has been double-checked countless times, and you’ve practiced your delivery countless times. Everything is fine until you realize that you didn’t reserve a room for the meeting!

When you use the right room scheduling system, finding and reserving space is a breeze. All you need to do is grab your phone and book a space for all of your attendees that has all the necessary office technology. For more information, visit

Here, we’ll discuss how room scheduling can enhance productivity and profitability for your business. In this session, we’ll discuss how to implement room scheduling, its benefits, and whether it’s the right investment for your company.

How do you implement a room scheduling system?

Software and hardware are usually the two components of room scheduling systems. Systems such as Crestron Room Scheduling  and Steelcase RoomWizard connect to your network over a single network cable and are powered by Ethernet, making them easy to install and operate from one platform.

Some room scheduling systems offer built-in software that connects directly to popular calendaring platforms such as Microsoft, Google, and others. If your calendaring platform changes in the future, you can simply update the system.

How do Room Scheduling Systems benefit businesses?

1. Manages and maximizes real estate investments

Currently, only 54 percent of office space is being used in the workplace. To maximize space utilization, organizations want actionable data in order to plan for the future, improve their infrastructure, and maximize the space they have.

There is more you can do with room scheduling systems than simply booking rooms. Additionally, occupancy sensors can be used to analyze room usage, meeting trends, and other space metrics and optimize meeting space and increase employee productivity.

2. Enhances collaboration by simplifying and streamlining

A meeting room or meeting space is not the same as another. Occasionally, you need a small room for a quick meeting with a colleague. In other cases, you may require a room that can be used as a presentation and conferencing facility.

Our room scheduling systems make it easy for your people to book the right meeting space, no matter what they need. A broad ecosystem of zones means that, regardless of whether they want to hold a meeting with colleagues or a HR meeting, they can minimize interruptions and double bookings by choosing from a broad ecosystem of meeting rooms.

3. Ensures the safety and health of your employees

In addition to workplace safety measures, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored that offices need to be involved in mitigating disease spread.
As a result, some businesses have adopted hybrid work-from-home policies to reduce costs and ensure employee safety.

People with room scheduling systems can make the most of their office time. If they want to collaborate, focus or learn, they can reserve their workspace in advance so they know they’ll have a dedicated workspace for the day.

4. Strengthens the brand and culture of your company

Recruiting and retaining employees are powerful tools for every workplace. If you’re reimagining your office space, a room scheduling system can help you cultivate your brand and culture and create a welcoming atmosphere for employees (and guests).

What is the best room scheduling system for you?

Businesses can benefit from room scheduling systems in a number of ways. Meeting scheduling is simplified and streamlined through a familiar platform, allowing employees to easily reserve space with plenty of time to spare.

Also, as your business grows, room scheduling can be integrated with other workplace technologies, such as digital signage, conferencing technology, and even sound masking, to improve employee wellbeing and engagement.

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